progettazione pressostati


• The wide range of NE-MA pressure switches has always been a guarantee of the  highest quality. The almost obsessive search for the perfection of our products starts  from the exclusive use of the highest quality materials, certified and guaranteed over time, to which high standards of production control are added.Every single piece delivered to our customer is tested and tested at the end of the line before being packaged.To all this is added the value of the Product and Process Certifications.
• The unique qualities of the NE-MA pressure switch line have always and always made the difference. From "quality" works customized to specific needs at high runs. Nothing is left to chance.
• The production of valves and fittings for compressed air following the acquisition of the Facciotti brand completes the offer of the highest quality product.
• Flexibility, service, efficiency and continuous innovation animate our present and guarantee our future.All, of course, Made in Italy.
• All, of course, Made in Italy.

qualità pressostati

Quality and Test

All the pressure switches are cyclically cheked and subjected to destructive tests in order to always be able to guarantee the high quality and so the international certifications
that NE-MA has are the right acknowledgement of its efforts (TUV - UL/CSA - oltre all'ISO 9001:2015).

The chek section works 24 hours on 24.
An equiped quality-office cheks, through dimensional relieves by microscope and periodical chemical analysis of the raw materials, the supplies coming from internal sections or esternal suppliers.

produzione pressostati

Productive Units

All the pressure switches are constructed and cheked in the Santena factory respecting the highest quality standards and national and international safety rules.

The hight automation of the procedures guarantees a daily production over 8000 units during a single work shift and therefore an ability of more than 24.000 daily units.

Secondary production lines assure in any case the just in time Customer suppling.

reparto stampaggio

Pressing Units

A modern sheet metal strike section guarantees the internal needs of all the metal items, always checked and testedbefore putting in assembly lines.

Mould project and maintenance are made by internal staff and/or in collaboration with the other Companies of the Group.